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Cardtronics is the world leader in managing self-service financial kiosks, providing the physical conduit through which consumers interact with their funds and financial institutions while moving about the real world of everyday life. Our focus is on providing the management and operational expertise used by the world’s highest-profile and most influential banking and retail brands to provide remote financial access to their customers. Find a Cardtronics ATM machine using our ATM locator below.

Check Cashing locations in 8378 Sheridan Blvd, Westminster, CO 80003


At our network of over 2,000 ATMs located in 7 Eleven stores across the county customers can do much more than get cash. For all your banking services needs visit one of our locations to do a wide variety of transactions such as:
  • Cash a Check
  • Send or Receive money with Money Gram
  • Pay over a 1,000 different billers
  • Deposit a check envelope free
  • Access Shared Branching services
And of course you can always get cash quickly and conveniently using your ATM card.

Check Cashing

Simply touch the ATM screen and select the Check Cashing option to begin. Follow the on screen instructions to complete your transaction and leave with cash in just minutes! We Cash all types of Checks including:
  • Payroll checks
  • Cashiers checks
  • Income Tax Refund Checks
  • Government checks
  • Insurance settlement checks
  • Money orders
First time customers will complete a membership process when cashing their check which includes providing information from your Government issued ID.

Money Transfer

Simply touch the ATM screen and select the Money Gram option to begin. Follow the on screen instructions to complete your transaction in just minutes! Our Money Gram Service includes:
  • Send or Receive money both domestically and internationally
  • Reload Prepaid Debit cards or Pay Bills using Express Bill Pay
To send or receive money you will speak with a Money Gram agent to confirm your transaction and enter the transaction reference number they provide . When reloading a prepaid card or paying a bill remember to have your providers Money Gram code for reference.

Bill Payment

Simply touch the ATM screen and select the Bill Pay option to begin. Follow the on screen instructions to complete your transaction and pay a bill in just minutes! Pay over 1,000 different companies including:
  • Mobile Carriers like Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon and ATT
  • Most Electric, Gas and Water Utilities
  • Cable and Satellite providers like Direct TV and Dish Network
You can pay in cash or use a debit card and most payments post to your account same day or next day, all you need to bring is your account number.

Deposit a Check

Simply touch the ATM screen and select ATM Check Deposit to begin your transaction or to access Shared Branching select the CU Services option. For eligible accounts the option to deposit your check envelope free will be given to you on screen: Participating Bank and Credit Union customers :
  • Can deposit their check envelope free
  • Get a receipt with an image of their deposited check
  • Can access CU Services Shared Branching
The Check Deposit service is available to customers of over 1,000 participating Banks and Credit Unions. Check with your financial institution to see if you have access to this service.

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7-Eleven 5241 West 72nd Ave.
Westminster, CO 80003
1.53 mi
- Check Cashing
- Cash a Check
- Money Transfer
- Pay Bill in Cash
- Pay a Bill in Person
- Comcast Bill Pay
- Geico Bill Pay
- Direct TV Bill Pay
- Dish Network Bill Pay
- T-Mobile Bill Pay
- Sprint Bill Pay
- ATT Bill Pay
- Verizon Bill Pay
-Top Up a Prepaid Card
-Shared Branch
- Voice Guided
- Financial Brand: Citibank ATM
- Allpoint ATM